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Victoria is the power behind the flowers.  She grew up in the the midwest of the United States, but for the past 16 years has worked around the world and perused flower markets from Capri to Kabul.  With her children in tow, it took 2,000 km behind the handle-bars of her electric Urban Arrow Family cargo bike to conceive of POP Florist, not to mention floral training in both London and Boston.  Now that's a lot of cycling!

Victoria was inspired to create a more environmentally-conscious brand of floristry after learning about the high carbon footprint flowers have, the use of neurotoxic pesticides harmful to both farm workers and the environment alike, alarming reports of child labour employed in South American rose farms (for more information read Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart) and the astounding amount of single-use plastic waste used in conventional floristry.  

How did such a natural product become so completely dissociated from the natural world?

POP Florist provides clientele with an informed alternative, sourcing slower flowers just as Mother Nature originally intended and artfully designing them with passion.