Weekly Bouquet

Weekly Bouquet

Glorious seasonal weekly flowers delivered on Friday straight to your door.  Our florist selection will celebrate punchy seasonal blooms in a pre-arranged medium-sized bouquet wrapped in paper.  We'll avoid lilies and carnations, and flowers imported from far away, and are happy to exclude any flowers you dislike.  


We pledge to use no plastic in our packaging, and currently offer this subscription service only to those customers in our cycle-range (within 2 km of the Covent Garden Flower market).


Please place your order by Wednesday for delivery on Friday.  At checkout, please set up a weekly bank transfer which you may opt out of any time hassle-free.  On your second week, subscribers will receive their own unique discount code for 5 Pop Florist products at 30% off.


If you plan to be out, please specify a location where you prefer we leave your flowers, and we can include a returnable jamjar to ensure you have no wilters by the time you get home!  


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